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Calusa Chapter of MOAA
Calusa Chapter of MOAA
Calusa Chapter of MOAA
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Chapter Programs

A primary purpose of the Chapter is to advocate for and otherwise contribute to retired and active service members, making sure all---regardless of branch or rank---receive earned benefits. To that end, the Chapter and its members contribute the following.

The Citizen Lobbyist
Advocacy of MOAA's Congressional legislative agenda and Florida Council's state retired military pay tax exemption. Florida has approved a 20% property tax credit for five years for veterans and home owners over age 65. Some counties are pursuing this benefit. We need to support this effort in all counties and the city.

Army Officers Guide
The chapter provides a gift of the Army Officer Guide to each new officer as part of the ROTC commissioning ceremony. It is quite a solemn and moving affair with their families and guests present. We also give them a free, one year online membership in MOAA. This motivates them as young officers to become lifelong MOAA members.

MOAA medals and certificates are presented annually to the cadet at every chapter-supported ROTC and JROTC program who demonstrates exceptional potential for leadership.  The chapter also invites ROTC and JROTC cadets and cadre as guests to appropriate chapter events.

Our chapter makes donations to and supports the paws4vets assistance dog placement program where veterans, service members and dependents can receive specially trained assistance dogs for critical disabilities.

Calusa Chapter of MOAA
Calusa Chapter of MOAA
Calusa Chapter of MOAA
Calusa Chapter of MOAA

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